Here are some general guidelines for how long it takes to do certain items.

Service Time*
Website Design Homepage First Draft 4-6 hrs
Website Design Revisions 1-3 hrs
Website Subpage Design 2-3 hrs
Custom Slider Design Work  1-2 hrs
Coding of Website from Custom Design 10-15 hrs
Content Creation (Per Page)  1 hr 30 min
Content Migration from Existing Site (Per Page) 20 min
Logo Design (First Version) 1 hr
Logo  Revisions  30 min
Average Content Cleanup and Input  4-8 hrs
WordPress Setup (Install, Theme Install, Point Domain)  1 hr 30 min

Based on the above a full custom website design project will look like this.

Service Time*
Project Management (Emails, Meetings, Communication) 8 hrs
First Homepage Design (including 2 revisions) 9 hrs
Sub-Page Design (including 1 revision) 4 hrs
Sliders and other Graphics Design Work 6 hrs
Coding of the Website 13 hrs
Putting in Content from Client 15 hrs
Content & Styling Cleanup 10 hrs
 Total  65 hrs

A theme website project will often look like this:

Service Time*
Project Management (Emails, Meetings, Communication)  6 hrs
Install & Configure Basic Theme  1 hr
Sliders and other Graphics Work  6 hrs
Putting in Content from Client  15 hrs
Content & Styling Cleanup  8 hrs
 Total:  36 hrs

*Please note that the hours above are estimates to help you get an idea of how long a project will take and how many hours to purchase. Sometimes it can be less, and if it is complicated it can take more time.

Remember that with Osky Blue you get an update in EVERY email and can log in at any time and check your hours and see where your hours were spent!